Synergy is a ground-breaking and award-winning development from Avolites, integrating lighting and video together like never before. All functionality is available with any combination of console and server, from T1 to Sapphire, and from Anjuna licence key to Q3.

Check out the video below to get a full run-down on Synergy’s powerful and uniques features.

Read on to learn more about the benefits which come with Synergy, all of which are included as part of our standard software release programme, for everyone.

This first version of Synergy is the beginning of a unique and exciting journey which will guide our development and enable you to achieve ever more spectacular creative visions.

Flexible and reliable connection

Pull control of already created screen surfaces and layers into Titan at the touch of a button, or create surfaces in Ai from within the console interface.
No DMX addressing, no ArtNet or CITP, everything connects and transfers using our proprietary Titan Net protocol. 


Synergy’s Lightmap feature means that users can stream Ai video colour data through any fixture group, including both RGB and CMY fixtures, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas.
There’s no need to create and arrange fixtures in the media server, no need to create ArtNet merges, just select the group and choose Ai in the pixel mapper.

Video Multi View live previews

Live video previews of up to 6 streams from the media server, right inside the Titan interface.  Streams can be either layer previews or fixture outputs.
So whether your servers are at FOH or elsewhere you’re still in control.

Media upload from console to connected servers

Asked to play a new piece of content at the last minute?  With media servers on stage this can be stressful and difficult.  Synergy’s media browser allows content to be selected and uploaded to specific locations on connected servers, right from the console.  This content then appears on the bank with a thumbnail ready to play as soon as it’s uploaded*
*Non-AiM codec clips will require conversion

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